MERILBA South Devons

Red, Black & Composite South Devon Cattle.
Merino, Poll Dorset & White Suffolk Sheep.
Boer Goats.
cattle on grass field
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Welcome To Merilba

Merilba Station produces Red, Black and Composite South Devon Cattle, as well as Merino, Poll Dorset and White Suffolk Sheep, and Boer Goats.

Originally a Merino Sheep and Hereford Cattle property, Merilba Station has expanded from 3,200ha to the present day 12,000ha, becoming one of the largest stations in the district.

The History of Merilba

Animals for Sale

Merilba offers for sale a selection of cattle, sheep and goats. Visit our animal pages or contact us for more information.
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Merilba South Devon Cattle provide cattle producers a unique opportunity as a cross breeding option. By crossing their existing cattle with South Devon Cattle, breeders will see hybrid vigor which in turn will increase muscle, fat and growth rates whilst achieving the added bonus of higher milk yield. South Devon cross bred cattle have proven themselves as quality breeders as well as valuable sale stock.