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2021 South Devon Bulls

We ahve 6 Autumn drop South Devon Bulls for Sale. These are quality stud bred bulls slected for their early growth and muscle. They are by quality Merilba stud South Devon bulls and cows. these bulls would suit both prure bred and cross bred herds. The resesive colour gene means that when crossed with black cows they will produce black calves with the added hybrid vigor. Bulls will be semen tested and vet check at the end of May sow ill be ready to go straight to work. For any enquiries pplease contact the Merilba station manager on 0428447834 or

2021 Black South Devon Bulls

We have 6 Black South Devon Bulls for Sale. They are pure bred Black South Devon by Merilba bred stud black South devon bulls and cows. They are a very consistent line of bulls that will fit inot any breeding herd. Bulls will be semen tested and Vet checked later this month and will be ready to go straight to work. Bulls are in "their work clothes" having not been fed any grain as our aim is to breed suitable comercial animals not show animals. For any enquires please contact the Merilba Station Manager on 0428447834 or

2021 South Devon X Droughtmaster Bulls

In an attempt to add the hardiness of the Droughtmaster with the muscle, fat, milk and temprement of the South Devon, we a pleased to ffer a selelcted line of South Devon X Droughtmaster Bulls. These bulls were born in Feburary 2021. They are long, well muscled bulls with a sleek coat. They would suit a cross breeding operation looking to add some serious carcase to traits inot their herd.

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Merilba South Devon Cattle provide cattle producers a unique opportunity as a cross breeding option. By crossing their existing cattle with South Devon Cattle, breeders will see hybrid vigor which in turn will increase muscle, fat and growth rates whilst achieving the added bonus of higher milk yield. South Devon cross bred cattle have proven themselves as quality breeders as well as valuable sale stock.