Sheep for sale

2021 Poll Dorset Rams

We have a selection of Poll Dorset Ram lambs for sale. They are from quality Merilba Stud poll Dorset Ewes and by an Abalene park Poll Dorset ram. These rams are primarily produced for the Merilba comercial cross breeding operation and go over our first cross ewes. They are reknown for their fast growing lambs that we consistantly turn off 35kg plus at 10-15 weeks of age. Rams are availible for private inspection. For any enquiries please contact the Merilba station manager on 0428447834 or

2021 Autumn Drop White Suffolk Rams

We have a selection of 2021 Autumn drop White Suffolk ram lambs for sale. These came from an out of season joining to try and provide clients with a 12 month old ram lamb for the typical New England Autumn joining period. They have coem from line of our all rounder ewes and sired by two of our 2020 drop ram lambs. they ahve been selected for length, muscle and growth and a suitable for both terminal and maternal eneterprises. Our rams are paddock reared with no grain feeding meaning we supply a quality comercial article suitable to go straight to work. For any enquireies please contact the Merilba station manager on 0428447834 or

Choose South Devons
Merilba South Devon Cattle provide cattle producers a unique opportunity as a cross breeding option. By crossing their existing cattle with South Devon Cattle, breeders will see hybrid vigor which in turn will increase muscle, fat and growth rates whilst achieving the added bonus of higher milk yield. South Devon cross bred cattle have proven themselves as quality breeders as well as valuable sale stock.